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With the advent of globalization, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way of business operations, intelligent logistics plays a crucial role to realize highly effective logistics and reduce cost. The logistics is a complex and dynamic process to handle massive data volumes and respond in time. A device features easy, secure and rapid data communication as well as interconnects with data-collected peripherals are vital to intelligent logistics success.

Fleet Management

The safety and timely delivery of cargo are vital to logistic industry. The fleet manager need all information to track, monitor and manage fleet vehicle, cargo and driver in real-time; and reduce delivery costs while improving customer satisfaction. The rugged structural superiority of RuggON rugged computers can withstand unpredictable road conditions to ensure stable operation. Featuring the latest and comprehensive wireless technology, RuggON rugged computers enhance in-transit visibility to optimize fleet dispatch and access real-time data.


The warehouse management aims at order accuracy, on time delivery, minimizing inventory costs, and decreasing labor costs; quick response has also become a core competitiveness of logistics field. Therefore, selecting the right device is a key to keep warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. RuggON rugged tablets and vehicle mount computers feature the latest processor, structural superiority, well-thought-out I/O interfaces and data capture functions, which can fulfill the requirements of warehouse operation. By adopting the latest wireless technology and antenna design, they offer faster processing, broader coverage, more stable and efficient data transfer. In addition, built-in battery prevents system damage and data loss caused by unstable power input. RuggON ruggedized devices are your dependable option for intralogistics application, even for freezer warehouse need.

Ports and Terminals

The shipping ports and container terminals are a complex environment with stocked containers, handling equipment, and available for 24 hours all-weather operation. To fulfill these conditions, port manager needs a reliable and tough enough device which resists the change of external environments while providing an optimized visibility for daytime and nighttime operation. In addition, container stacking area is wide and wireless signals are easily hindered. RuggON can offer wider channel bandwidth, timely and stable data transfer to enhance the efficient of container handling and cargo movement. RuggON optimized ruggedized computer facilitates the deployment of port automation.

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