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Law Enforcement

Real-time data access, such as passport, identification card, and driver's license are extremely crucial for police and law enforcement personnel to take action quickly during mission. Using RuggON rugged tablets ensures officers to stay connected to have enough resources and evidence to make those mission-critical decisions that safeguard its people and protect lives.

Border Patrol

The escalating European and Middle-East refugee crisis have been the major attention to border patrol in the region; while facing dangerous and harsh environments on a daily basis, they fight to protect and safeguard their nation's land. RuggON rugged tablets fully integrate with MRZ reader allows patrols to effectively and accurately collect and analysis data in one stop.

Police & Law Enforcement Departments

When on the field, it is important for police and law enforcement officers to collect and organize mission-critical data anywhere and everywhere; a consistent battle fighting against crime rate. The RuggON MRZ & MSR two-in-one module enables officers to access data immediately by getting real-time communication right on the fully integrated rugged tablet leading to successful missions every time.

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