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About Us


Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today

RuggON, with decades of ruggedized mobile solution expertise strives to improve productivity in harsh environments. Our dedicated engineering team is missioned to deliver devices with exceptional value & quality to improve user experience, we are keen to understand the different demands in each unique industry to provide application oriented & tailored solutions that are most efficient and yet effective. Here at RuggON, we are committed to tackle higher standards to achieve customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing endless possibilities today to meet tomorrow's demand.


Core Values

What We Do

On-Demand Revolution

On-Demand Revolution

In an increasingly demanding world, business landscape is changing rapidly with digital revolution; RuggON understands the need to connect with wide range of audience in providing the ability to deliver order with speed and flexibility to create an experience that is beyond customer expectation.

Flexibility to Greater Possibilities

Flexibility to Greater Possibilities

Today's technology industries demand integrated flexible solutions. Mutual beneficial partnerships are a must to achieve larger goals. RuggON works closely with our clients, to design, build, and test with strategic plans to ensure successful integration deployment.

The Innovation Gateway

The Innovation Gateway

At RuggON, we strive for nothing less than consistency in excellence and customer satisfaction. All our products exemplify the same continuous entrepreneurial vision with constant innovation and investments in development to deliver integrated new technologies that is the most adaptable, effective, and robust solutions. With the help of our partners, we have delivered a series of groundbreaking solutions and look forward in pioneering many more.

Proven Design Quality

We have a well-established in-house laboratory equipment, with deep expertise staffs that specializes in developing ruggedized products and software. All RuggON products undergo the highest standards of testing and responsibility that helps advance deployment ready products in the harshest environments, and gains competitive advantage.

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Proven Manufacturing Quality

Our mission is bringing success to our clients by producing the highest quality product with timely delivery. By integrating FICG (First International Computer Group), we set a new quality standard with the strengthened manufacturing advantages offered.

Global Manufacturing and Service Sites

RuggON Corporation was acquired by Ubiqconn (a subsidiary of FICG) in 2017. Combining the well-experienced technology and production resources from Ubiqconn and FICG, RuggON can strengthen its market influence in the Mobile IIoT (Industrial IoT).


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  • DMEMS 2022

    May-04-2022 - May-05-2022

    Venue: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California

    Booth: 425