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CHASER,rugged monitor,rugged display,RuggON
CHASER,rugged monitor,rugged display,RuggON


11.6” Rugged Monitor

Suitable for in-vehicle applications, CHASER rugged monitor optimizes workflow efficiency with functionality and safety in mind.

1000 nits 9-36 VDC
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11.6” high-brightness PCAP 10-point multi-touch monitor with AR and AF coatings for better visibility

Perfect your DeX optimized smartphone experience with a single plug

Rich USB ports support additional external devices with one on top for easy reaching

Easy to switch between PC and smart phone input sources

Night mode provides red monochrome to reduce eye strain

RuggON CHASER, rugged monitor, police vehicle computer

The Transformer Workstation

Compact with multiple USB ports, CHASER is the one-stop work hub developed for real-time mobile missions. Connecting seamlessly to smartphones through compatible DeX while supporting diverse external devices, CHASER easily realizes in-vehicle multi-tasking environment in a snap of time.

RuggON CHASER, rugged monitor, police vehicle computer

Safe and Stress-Free on the Road

Reducing eye strain with anti-reflective coating and narrow bezel design, the large touch screen makes long-time operation possible and safe on the road with a uniquely and purposely designed black-out button to ensure driver and information safety at any critical moment. The USB port design at top is specifically intuitive and user-friendly for easy plug in/out of any USB token.

 RuggON CHASER, rugged monitor, police vehicle computer

Fast and Safe Installation

CHASER comes with secure mounting design and convenient downward cable routing for user-friendly installation. The pre-reserved VESA pattern holes and smart-lock brackets for cable securing prevent loose of the monitor and unexpected disconnection of external devices.

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