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RuggON Unveils Iridium® Satellite-Connected Tablet

April 11 , 2024

This rugged tablet features a special antenna and built-in SatCom module that lets you connect to the Iridium® satellite network (plus 5G and Wi-Fi 6E) – for reliable connectivity anywhere on the planet!

RuggON, a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions for harsh environments (part of Ubiqconn Technology, Inc.) today introduced the Iridium Connected™ PX501, a powerful and rugged tablet that provides truly global, reliable connectivity. With its special antenna and built-in satellite module, the PX501 offers extreme connectivity in extreme environments – giving you the option of connecting to 5G, WiFi 6E, and the Iridium® satellite network.  

The PX501 offers extreme connectivity in extreme environments with 5G, WiFi 6E, and the Iridium® satellite network.  

As a ruggedized tablet with Iridium connectivity, the RuggON PX501 provides users with weather-resilient, reliable communications anywhere on the planet, including at the North and South Poles. The tablet also adds powerful computing to its ruggedness and global satellite connectivity. Running on advanced 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors, the tablet can smoothly run the most demanding industrial applications. When users roam outside of terrestrial coverage, the tablet connects to the Iridium satellite network for messaging, weather updates, location tracking and more.

Product Specs: For product data, please click the 'Contact Us' tab at the top right of this page and ask for the datasheet of the 'Iridium Connected PX501' tablet (PX501sat).

With its powerful processing and extreme connectivity, this rugged tablet is ideal for industries ranging from maritime, aviation, government, industrials, energy (oil and gas), transportation, agriculture, and related vertical applications. It is also an ideal solution for any scientist or adventurer who wants a powerful tablet that can keep them connected when they venture out to the most remote corners of the planet, far beyond the reach of 5G towers.

"RuggON is proud to bring such a unique and versatile tablet to the market. If our users move out of range of 5G and WiFi services, they can still connect via Iridium's global satellite network, which covers every corner of the planet, including the North and South Poles," said Tom Wang, North America CEO of Ubiqconn (RuggON's parent company). "On top of that, the PX501 is ruggedized to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, rain, shocks, vibration, and more. It really offers extreme connectivity in extreme environments."

"As a leader in providing rugged tablets for extreme environments, RuggON continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide best-in-class solutions for their customers," said Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Iridium. "When it comes to extreme communications, redundancy is essential. With the Iridium Connected PX501, users can confidently venture to even the most remote and extreme locations knowing that if they lose 5G or WiFi 6E connectivity, they will stay reliably connected with Iridium."

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At RuggON we do rugged computing the right way. We manufacture, sell and SUPPORT high-quality rugged tablets, in-vehicle computers, monitors, smart panels, etc. Our devices feature high levels of dustproofing, rain-proofing, vibration-proofing, cold-proofing, heat-proofing and shock-proofing. We focus on quality assurance and after-sales service, and we have built up a reputation for delivering reliable products and excellent product support.

Our rugged tablets and computing devices are designed to work perfectly in warehouses, cold rooms, hot rooms, trucks, forklifts, factories, ships, tractors, muddy battlegrounds, and military vehicles like tanks. RuggON devices support the most advanced connectivity options (5G and WiFi 6), Windows 11 and Android. Powerful processors (up to Intel® Core™ i7) ensure that even the most demanding industrial software applications run smoothly, for great productivity. Rugged. Reliable. RuggON.